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WHO are we? WHERE are we from? WHERE are we going?



These are the most fundamental philosophical questions in our life, but we are sure you are eager to know the answers to these questions about us.



We are First Canary Wharf, founded in Canary Wharf, London, by Chinese people who have much passion in making our lives greener and more intelligent. We were first set up as a photographic equipment and scooter lender on the UK leading rental platform We are committed ourselves to protect our planet, making our sky bluer and our life smarter, and this is why we provide rental service before you buy, to avoid unnecessary purchase or purchase under impulse. You are very welcome to join our rental family and it is time to clear the dust on your unwanted items and give them a second chance by renting them out. 


As the originator of the scooter rental across London, we are the true pioneer in this area. We are happy to see how our scooter rentals have changed people's method of commuting. Also, it adds fun and increases convenience for city exploration. Scooter riding is the best solution for the last mile issue. Thus, we are happy to let you know that you are not far from this destination! Now we are the authorized distributor of Xiaomi, Ninebot by Segway electric scooter and the exclusive distributor of Zoom Stryder EX in the UK. More than 300 scooters have been sold by us and found their new owners!


Besides electric scooters, we are also a distributor of Xiaomi Ecosystem products. With the development of the Internet of Things, to control your home appliances via your phone is no longer a dream. Xiaomi is a strong explorer and supplier in this area and we are proud to be their partner. Benefited from our experience and logistic network in distributing electric scooters, we will guarantee your high satisfaction in shopping Xiaomi Ecosystem products.



Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will aim at replying you within 2 working days.  If you're interested in purchasing other types of equipment which are not listed here, we are happy to expand our product line. We also understand it is not easy to set up a business from the beginning, so if you have an order to fulfill and want us to drop shipping for you, you are also welcome to drop us an email.

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