In 2015, Ninbot bought Segway and the merge of these two companies brings our customers the broadest range of mobility solutions, no matter for your daily commuting or for pure riding enjoyment.

Ninebot ES2 features the techy and modern design and by far the most popular scooter among ninebot family. Ninebot ES4 is Ninebot ES2 with an extended battery, which massively increases the acceleration and total range. 

Electric unicycle is the strongest area of Ninebot by Segway, with multiple items that suit different consumers' needs. Ride safe and be cool on the road!

Ninebot MAX G30

Electric Scooter

ninebot by segway z10 ninebot z10

Ninebot by Segway

Z10 Electric Unicycle


Ninebot Segway MAX

G30LP Electric Scooter


Ninebot by Segway

E25 Electric Scooter

ninebot es2 es1 battery

Ninebot Segway Extened Battery for ES1 & ES2 

Ninebot by Segway

ES2 Electric Scooter

ninebot es4 segway es4

Ninebot by Segway ES4

Electric Scooter

Ninebot Go Kart Lamborghini Edition